Monday, August 10, 2009

a picture is worth a thousand words.

too bad it isn't worth u.s. dollars because this person looks broke.

hello world. i'm peter.

well, no, not my real name. i run in circles out here in the hamptons that i really can't reveal my identity. probably no big deal. most of the girls out here are so anorexic they couldn't find the strength to open their laptops let alone focus on a blog post while being so coked up.

the straight shit is that i am on house arrest. it is a long story, but if i were to tell you the long story, it would involve a car, some coke, a brazilian exchange student i brought to the hamptons from yale, and the stealing of a policeman's bobby stick. and the smashing of said cops rearview mirror.

i did a few days until the judge sent me to live at home. my father knows the district attorney so i just put the anklet they gave me on the dog and it's running around. i am sure no one will monitor it. i doubt i will leave the house anyway. i have everything i need here. my parents have a tab at the local drug and sundry and they deliver. i just ordered some lobsters and some old cognac. i think i will eat them and drink myself into the morning. no one is in town.

i should do better to enjoy this house. my parents are still on their book tour in paris at the moment for their self help book. ironic. the book helped themselves be rich. self-help. lol.

enough for now. i am tired. i think i'll call up clara for a swim and a handjob.